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Youth Pitcher Exhibits Explosive Pitching Mechanics

Here is a great example of what I consider to be a youth pitcher with explosive pitching mechanics. This pitcher is 10 years old, 4 ft. 6″ and 68 lbs. and produces mid to upper 50’s velocity. Many parents and coaches at the youth level spend a lot of time with pitchers so they can […]

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Body Weight Exercise Movement Gains Momentum

The American College Of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recently released its list of fitness trends for 2013. Topping the list was “Educated, Certified and Experienced Fitness Professionals”, a sure sign that possessing an ACSM-certification in an exponentially growing marketplace will continue to gain importance as educational opportunities increase due to the needs of the larger society. […]

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The Pitching Towel Drill – Dangerous And Reduces Velocity

The towel drill is one of the most popular and practiced pitching drills ever. The problem is that the towel drill does not replicate the correct arm action mechanics of a pitcher when throwing a baseball. In fact, doing the towel drill can actually build in more pitching errors than not doing it. In this […]

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Changeup grip

Is The Changeup The Most Dominating Pitch In Baseball?

  According the Clayton Kershaw,  probably the best pitcher in baseball right now, the best pitch in baseball belongs to Seattle’s Felix Hernandez. It’s not his high fastball, sharp curveball or slider but rather his 90 mph changeup, which most hitters are not able to recognize even after sitting down in the dugout trying to […]

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Why Icing The Pitching Arm Is Harmful

  Here’s the latest device many MLB pitchers are using since icing has proven to be harmful.  Watch the video of Detroit Tigers trainer Kevin Rand about why he loves this new device for his pitchers…who use it before and after pitching.   Coach Mills:    Guys, during this session we’re going to talk about why […]

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Weighted Baseballs And Pitching Velocity

Weighted baseballs touted to improve pitching velocity have been around since the early 70’s but have not proven to work despite some very poor research papers that say they do. All the research on weighted baseball for improving pitching velocity has been disputed as “bad science” by Dr. Brent Rushall, a top sports scientist. If […]

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Eight Essentials of Post-Pitching Recovery

By By Jim Ronai MS, PT, ATC, CSCS Member, USA Baseball Medical/Safety Advisory Committee /  August 11, 2009 The institution of the pitch count in youth baseball represents a positive step towards ensuring that the game of baseball is safer both in the present and future careers of young pitchers. As an adjunct to this […]

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A Parent’s Question And Answer Guide To Baseball Pitching

There is lots of conflicting information about how to improve pitching performance.  Unfortunately, most of it is all based on beliefs…rather than sports science evidence and training principles. Here are set of questions and answers on baseball pitching designed to reduce  the confusion and misinformation…based on research…not beliefs. Q: How can a parent help their […]

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David Price 100-percent- stride- length

How To Improve Velocity Using Efficient Lower Body Pitching Mechanics

Most pitchers and coaches understand that efficient lower body mechanics is the key to a good pitching delivery.  The lower body provides the energy and the biggest single aspect for maximizing pitching velocity since the forces and elastic energy produced get transferred to the pitcher’s trunk which is how arm speed is created. A pitcher […]

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ASMI Position Statement for Tommy John Injuries in Baseball Pitchers

Here are 9 specific recommendations made by the American Sports Medicine Institute about how to reduce the risks of Tommy John Injuries in baseball pitchers.   May 2014 EPIDEMIC During the past few years there has been an “epidemic” rise in the number of professional pitchers requiring ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction (“Tommy John surgery”).1 This is […]

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