Pitching and Tommy John Surgery

Why Are So Many MLB Pitchers Having Tommy John Surgery?

There seems to be a rash of Tommy John surgeries at the beginning of this 2014 baseball season.  As of April 15th there were 13 who had elbow ligament replacement surgery.  In 2013 the total for the entire season was 19. There are of course a host of reasons that should be investigated. I have […]

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Photo of two pitchers using tubing

How To Quickly Boost Velocity And Overall Pitching Performance Using Video

Nearly every pitcher is looking for a quick fix or a magic bullet to improve their pitching velocity.  However, there is none that I know of except one.  Videotaping regularly in order to show the pitcher what his 1 or 2 main faults are and then how to fix them. Videotaping is what every youth, […]

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Fernando-Rodney-drives- down-the-mound-using-no-leg-lift

The Complete Guide To Building Pitching Velocity, Ball Control And Overall Skills

There are proven specific ways to help pitchers practice improving pitching velocity as well as ball control and overall pitching skills. Most every pitcher throws their bullpens to simulate a real game.  Such as two fastballs down and away, two on the inside,  a changeup or curveball away.  Then they start moving the ball around […]

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Are Pitching Drills Really a Good Tool to Improve Poor Mechanics?

Prior to about 2004,  I too once believed that pitching drills were the “Holy Grail” of teaching and correcting mechanical faults.   After reading what the research says about the value of pitching drills for improving mechanics…I no longer feel that way, in fact, I believe drills may be one of the biggest reasons why pitchers […]

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Stride- length-comparison

For Improved Pitching Velocity More Strength Is Not Required

In 2004 I introduced a unique idea into pitching that I coined Explosive Pitching.  The emphasis was that in order to produce maximum pitching velocity, a pitcher should move his body faster going from the back leg to the front leg without stopping or hesitating…even though the idea of lifting the leg up remained. However, […]

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15 Mechanical Faults That Reduce Pitching Velocity

You might say that pitching mechanics is simply moving from the back leg to the front leg using a stable back leg and driving down the mound explosively onto a stable front leg. Without a stable back leg a pitcher’s mechanics are going to suffer and he will lose pitching velocity.  Then once he lands […]

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10 Principles For Developing High Velocity Pitching Mechanics

There are many different approaches today on how to teach pitchers how to improve their pitching velocity and still develop good mechanics. However, few rely on evidence based sports science research methods to verify why those methods work. Here are some principles to follow that not only make sense but are based on a more […]

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5 Reasons Why Most Pitchers Lack Pitching Velocity

Do you know what the average high school fastball is? It is about 78-82 mph.  In fact, most high school and college pitchers will never pitch above 85 mph. The same is true for youth pitchers. The fact is that most amateur pitchers are capable right now of throwing 5-7 mph faster.  It all comes […]

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