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Pitching Mechanics – Does Staying Tall Make Sense?

There are many myths about pitching mechanics that coaches endorse without even thinking about why they are endorsing them. One such myth of pitching mechanics is that a pitcher should stay tall. There are several reasons why this not only does not make sense, but also is actually harmful. I know a minor league pitching […]

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Improving Pitching Velocity with Hip and Trunk Rotation

Is hip and trunk rotation a key component for developing more pitching velocity? No! Everybody seems to be looking for the secret to pitching velocity. If you ask most college pitchers who are still trying to find that secret, they will tell you that they have tried it all such as long toss, weighted balls, […]

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Pitching Velocity: Why High School and College Pitchers Don’t Improve

Maybe the most asked question today about improving pitching performance is how to improve pitching velocity. Can pitching velocity be improved by doing long toss or throwing weighted balls or weight lifting? The answer is no. If you ask any high school or college coach or even a professional coach or scout you will get […]

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