Do You Want Scientifically Designed
'Arm Insurance' For Pitching Performance...
While Reducing the Risk of Injury?

Finally... A Sports Scientist Designs The Ultimate Warm-up And Recovery Program That Boosts Performance And Reduces The Risk Of Injuries the program also doubles as an arm strengthener for the off-season!

“This is the first year my son has pitched pain-free in the last 4 years. He is a high school sophomore and prior to this year he was unable to pitch a complete season let alone a complete game. His record this year was 4-1 with 2 complete 7 inning games and an ERA under 2. None of his coaches could offer any explanation or insight into pitching mechanics that would alleviate the elbow pain he was experiencing. I came across the Coach Mills Ultimate Warm-up And Recovery Program Program by chance, read the info and was convinced this would help my son. His windup and mechanics are 100% more sound than a year ago. I would like to personally thank Coach Mills and his son Ryan for their concern and knowledge about pitchers and their campaign to show the right way to pitch.”

Steve S.
Ashland, Oh.
Dick Mills
Coach Mills
The Pitching Rebel

Dear Friends and Pitching Insiders,

Do you know that nearly 50% of Little League and high school pitchers are pitching with pain every year? Yes, half. And I'm not talking about a little pain for our youngsters. Some 10 year old Little League pitchers are having Tommy John elbow surgery.

Not to mention during a recent 7 year period, elbow and shoulder injuries have increased nearly 10 times in high school pitchers.

This tells us whatever is being taught to our pitchers IS NOT WORKING! Can you imagine any other profession where it's acceptable to have 50% of the people are playing through pain? As kids?

Something needs to change, because we can't keep doing this to our young pitchers...

How would you like to have a sound pre and post pitching plan developed by a sports kinesiologist that provides immediate and long term benefits for reducing the risk of injury while improving pitching performance?

Let me introduce Angel Borrelli, whom I have known since 2004 and who has been involved in pitching for 16 years, and who has recently designed a brand new pre-pitching and post-pitching routine for pitchers - of all ages.

She's uniquely qualified to create such a program. Angel has not only been involved with world class athletes (she's been a U.S. Olympic Weightlifting Coach), but she's also spent 7 years of graduate and post-graduate study focused soley on one thing - the study of pitching mechanics and pitching injuries.

I do not know anyone more qualified or dedicated to designing a program like this.

Those who know me understand...

"If It Is Not Based On Science Then I Am Not Interested."

This is the only scientifically designed pitching arm care warm-up program available today. Other programs are incomplete because they do not scientifically and systematically warm-up ALL the muscles of the elbow and shoulder in the correct sequence.

During a meeting we had with Angel back in July at our facility, she told my son Ryan and I about her new warm-up routine. She was having all her pitchers using this routine before games and bullpen sessions. Since we're always trying to find new and improved information about pitching to pass along to you, we definitely wanted to see it.

Angel guided my son Ryan through the entire routine. He loved it for two reasons. It really warmed up all the muscles in the elbow and shoulder, and it was quick and easy to do. We then had all of our students using it before and after lessons, and every single student commented on how much better they felt.

The product is called First-Pitch Strike Warm up and Recovery Program, and here's the best part - it only takes about 9 minutes to complete. This is a no-brainer for pitchers at all levels, all the way from Little League to Pro ball.

Remember, the statistics I shared with you? They all point to what you're doing right now is NOT working. Here's an example. I can't tell you the number of clients who come to me and start to do static stretching when I ask to see their warm up routine...

Static Stretching Before Pitching Is Dangerous and Reduces Velocity

In 2004 I posted a study on my website about why pitchers should not stretch their arms or lower body before pitching. The study proved that static stretching not only increased the risk of joint injury, but it reduced pitching velocity.

This is why I'm a big supporter of Angel's new warm up routine - it's NOT static stretching. This is a well thought out and scientifically designed pitching arm warm-up routine, from a scientist who spent 7 years devoted to studying pitching mechanics.

Even though many pitchers are doing some sort of warm-up using flexible tubing very few are targeting all the important muscles, ligaments and tendons that play a major role during one of the most stressful actions in all of sports - the pitching motion.

Missing an important group of muscles leads to not having the arm warmed-up properly, and could also increase the risk of injury. Since range of motion is also reduced when compared to a properly warmed up arm, you also get reduced pitching performance. Who wants that?

At this point I can hear you saying to yourself, "Yes Coach Mills, but I already use, or have tried using, a warm up time, like those programs which use flexible tubing..." Well, the sad state of affairs is most band and flexible tubing programs being used now... ARE NOT THOROUGH enough!

Let me give you just one example. Did you know...

Flexible Tubing MUST Have A Hand Grip,
NOT Just A Wrist Attachment

One popular program has the pitcher attach the flexible tubing at the wrist rather than having him use a hand grip. And instead of doing one arm at a time, it teaches pitchers to use both arms.

So why should this concern you?

Because, NOT using a hand grip reduces the extremely important warm-up of your muscles that extend from your fingers through the wrist and forearm, and connect at the elbow. As a result, NOT using a hand grip prevents the pitcher from doing a complete warm-up of the elbow. Who can risk that?

As we already know from the shocking statistics that 50% of pitchers play with pain, (and 10 year olds getting Tommy John's surgery!), the elbow is a primary location of injuries to pitchers at all levels, and needs to be warmed up properly.

Tubing that does not have a hand grip, not only eliminates important muscles from being warmed-up, but can also increase the load around the shoulder joint. This should be of great concern to you as a pitcher, parent, or coach.

But That's Not All...

Why Training One Arm At A Time Is So Important

Many pre-pitching routines have the pitcher using both arms. Angel's First-Pitch Strike Warm up and Recovery Program, being based on science, intentionally has the pitcher using only one arm at a time because of the added benefits that come from focusing on the pitching arm alone... Here's one benefit: increased movement capabilities while promoting better posture and alignment.

Let me ask you a question. How many pitchers do you see throw two balls at the same time?! Exactly, none! To thoroughly and properly warm up, you must use your body in the same way you'll be throwing the ball, and that's with one arm. In First-Pitch Strike Warm up and Recovery Program, Angel will walk you through the exact exercises you must be doing to become the most effective pitcher.

But wait, because there's more. In addition to not using a handgrip, and warming up both arms at the same time, there are even more common mistakes being made with pitching warm-up routines...

Why Fatigue Must Also Be Considered During A Pre-pitching Warm-up Routine

There are some warm up routines out there that eventually do get you warmed up. The problem is, by the time you start pitching you quickly realize that you've already lost some zip on your fastball, and control of your curve. Why? Because you're arm is already starting to tire!

The last thing you want is to have your pitching arm be fatigued before throwing your first game time pitch! The number of repetitions for each exercise in First-Pitch Strike Warm up and Recovery Program are based on science and research, so unintentional fatigue of the arm does not occur...

As you can see everything was considered during program design, including another aspect of pitching that so many pitchers do improperly, or even leave out entirely... The post-pitching routine. So we've included a bonus program for you...

The Post-pitching Routine - It's Like Getting Free Performance Insurance

Here's where it get's really good, because the most innovative part of the program is the post-pitching routine. This is so important because you have an amazing window of opportunity immediately after pitching to restore the arm and help speed up recovery. This post-pitching advice alone will keep your arm feeling fresher than ever before, and here's the best part - it only takes about 2-3 minutes!

Yes, that's right, just a few minutes!

You see, right after pitching the muscles in the front of the shoulder are tight from arm acceleration, and the muscles in the rear of shoulder are over-stretched from deceleration of the arm. First-Pitch Strike Warm up and Recovery Program restores the balance in both areas, so you keep a healthy and strong arm for each and every outing.

In laymen's terms, the First-Pitch Strike Warm up and Recovery Program puts the muscles back into the place they were before pitching! And that is crucial to not only reduce injury, but for a quicker recovery process. Not to mention, the pitcher just feels better after pitching, with this effective program.

Here are just a few more reasons why First-Pitch Strike Warm up and Recovery Program is a must for pitchers at ALL levels:

  1. It's based on science, rather than invented methods created by coaches or instructors who do not have the scientific knowledge or training to properly design this type of program.

  2. Pitchers REDUCE the risk of injury and REDUCE recovery time.

  3. First-Pitch Strike Warm up and Recovery Program can double as an off-season elbow and shoulder strengthening router, simply by adding additional sets of exercises. We'll show you exactly how!

  4. Builds discipline, since pitchers learn that to do their best they must be organized and prepared about all aspects of their training.

  5. Each time you run through these programs, you'll receive regular feedback about the condition of your pitching muscles.

  6. The increased blood flow to the pitching arm each time you use this program will enhance performance and recovery time.

  7. Pitchers will know they are better prepared to pitch - which builds confidence.

  8. I helps emphasize the importance of posture and how it relates to proper shoulder movement.

  9. Insures that the pitching arm is ready but not fatigued, each time you pitch.

First-Pitch Strike Warm up and Recovery Program

Nobody Can Insure Your Son's Arm - Except YOU!

I know you wouldn't even think about letting your son drive without seats belts or insurance. Or let the little guy ride a bike or skateboard without a helmet. As a parent you're always going to find a way to reduce any harm to your son, and pitching should be no exception!

This program is the only way for you to know that your son is protecting his arm as much as possible. This is THE arm insurance that every pitcher must carry to every game and bullpen - and it's quick, easy, and effective.

“A few months ago, my 14 year old son Jake was throwing 70 mph and had occasional pain in his pitching arm. We started using the the "First Pitch Strike Warmup and Recovery Program" before and after every bullpen/game. We now call it "ARM INSURANCE" because the pain is gone and he does not ice after.

Yesterday his pitching coach, who by the way knows you and is totally on board, put him on the gun at 74-76 mph on his fast ball and 64 mph on his changeup. WOW! That's a big jump in just a few weeks using your analysis. Jake is excited about his H.S. Baseball camp next week."

Dave W.
Fullerton, CA

I shared with you stats on the frequency with which our kids are getting hurt as a result of pitching not to scare you, but to help you realize a program like First-Pitch Strike Warm up and Recovery Program is NOT optional for pitchers, but essential to improving their performance and reducing the risk of injury.

First-Pitch Strike Warm up and Recovery Program will help your son ensure that his pitching arm is more prepared than ever, so you can both have more confidence when he's pitching, while also knowing that he'll feel better and will have a faster recovery time.

Here's Everything You Get With the Complete First-Pitch Strike Warm-up and Recovery Program...

- the absolute best scientifically designed arm insurance policy money can buy -

  1. A Start-Up Guide - which explains how to use the program.

  2. Three (3) exercise sheets showing all 24 exercises and number of repetitions, PLUS 6 exercises for the Post-Pitching Program

  3. The "How And Why Handbook" - the actual science behind the design of the program

  4. The First-Pitch Strike Warm up and Recovery DVD - Angel explains everything as she guides 7 pitchers on how to do the exercises using proper form and technique - the pitchers cover ages 10, 11, 13, 15, 19

  5. An Audio CD - An Audio CD - An hour long interview I did with Angel for our Member's titled - "Early Detection Of Elbow and Shoulder Injuries."

All of this comes packaged in a three-ring binder that clips shuts for easy storage and carrying, so you can take it with you and be prepared where ever you go!

“My son (D1 scholarship pitcher) used First-Pitch Strike Warm-up and Recovery Program before and after his last start and did not ice. He said his arm felt like he had not thrown. This is hard to believe but he said he had no soreness at all. In the morning - same story. His arm did not feel like he had thrown.”

Rick J.
Knoxville, TN

So ask yourself, what would you be willing to pay for access to information that will help prevent injury, decrease fatigue, and increase recovery speed?

What's your son's arm worth? $1,000? $100,000? $1,000,000?

Before you think to yourself these figures are outrages, stop and ask "What would it be worth to Stephen Strasburg's Dad?" I'm sure he would say at least the entire $15.1 million signing bonus his son got with the Nationals... Trust me, once you learn this stuff you'll never pitch again without it, and that's priceless...

Of course, you won't be paying anywhere close to those numbers for your First-Pitch Strike Warm up and Recovery Program that will be shipped right to your front door. In fact you won't even be paying $500, for the only warm up and post-pitching program created by a sports scientist...

I want to get this program out to as many of you as I can, because we can't be having 50% of our kids play with pain - so I'm going to offer this program for a limited time at $147. That's right, for the same price as an Easton youth baseball bat, you can invest in information that your son will use for the rest of his pitching career! (Unlike that bat, which he'll grow out of!)

Your Complete First-Pitch Strike Warm up and Recovery Program: Price: $147 plus $10.95 shipping

But Wait! I want to do something special with the DVD's I have in stock. Until supplies run out (300 Total Programs) you can get First-Pitch Strike Warm up and Recovery Program at an extra 47% discount, for the ridiculous price of $97!

Regular Price $147 Right Now $97

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And it get's better because I'm also going to give you my...

90-Day No Questions Asked
Money Back Guarantee

That’s right... Once you begin the program I personally guarantee that you’ll see dramatic improvement in your son’s pitching.

Otherwise, send it back anytime within the next 90-days and:

  • I'll quickly and courteously refund your entire purchase price.
  • You can keep all of the bonuses as my thanks for trying.

So not only can you try First-Pitch Strike Warm up and Recovery Program for 90 days. As you can see, First-Pitch Strike Warm up and Recovery Program comes with ZERO risk. If the program doesn't deliver, I'm the one who eats his shirt -- not you.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

So let's recap. You're getting a scientifically based pitching warm-up and post pitching program developed by a respected Sports Kinesiologist that will decrease risk of arm injury, and increase recovery time and pitching performance. And you get to try it out for an entire 90 days, and if you are unsatisfied for any reason, you can return it, no questions asked! All for $147 $97!?

In my book, that's a deal too good to pass up!

To your pitching health and success,

P.S. Don't wait. Get your pitcher feeling better and more well prepared than ever. Plus, get them using the program this off-season so they strengthen their elbows and shoulders for the upcoming season. But you must hurry, this price only lasts until supplies run out (300 Total Programs)!

Regular Price $147 Right Now $97

Credit Cards Accepted