Client Testimonials

All About Pitching, LLC. has helped countless parents and sons at every level of pitching, right up to the big leagues. We’ve seen our clients collect tens of thousands of dollars in college scholarships, millions of dollars in signing bonuses from the Major League Amateur Draft, and even become first round picks!

Along with my wife Ginny, a certified conditioning coach, we’ve built one of the most sought-after teaching teams in baseball. We love working with each and every client and creating long-lasting relationships. We especially love getting feedback, and we are proud to share some of that feedback here with you.

Having pitched in pro ball for 7 years, I can honestly tell you that I have learned more from you & your products
about the mechanics of throwing a baseball with control & velocity than all of my previously combined experience. I have long ago hung up
my spikes. When I first met you my son was 8-years-old who then was just getting involved in pitching. After taking your advice & videotaping, I discovered that he was taking the ball out of the glove too soon (I was taught to do this by a big league pitching coach). It has made a huge difference. Every position you take is well reasoned & makes intuitive sense, particularly on momentum, strength training & long toss. I have applied your principles throughout his learning process for the past several years as he began to toe the slate. Brett recently competed in the Major League Baseball’s national Pitch, Hit & Run competition in the 9-10 year old division. For the pitching portion of these events leading up to & including the National Championship, Brett’s scores were 5/6; 4/6; 4/6 & 4/6 strikes with the misses on the edge. In addition to this title he has had tremendous success in LL State Championship & Regional Championship competition. My sincere thanks & appreciation. Steve A.Richmond, Virginia

Coach Mills, Thank you for all the great products and information. My son loves baseball and his primary position is 3rd. He does pitch a little for his team and does well but he says his heart is not at pitching. I am always looking for products, and information and camps to help him be the best that he can and go the furthest he can with the game and have found some very useful help thru you. He is going to be 16 and a sophomore in high school so don't think that his position choices will change. Your best product that really helped me for the college approach is "The College Baseball Recruiting Formula" with Jim Zerilla. Thank you again Barry S.Biddeford, Maine

Coach Mills, Senior year in college I really focused and dedicated myself to understanding and applying biomechanics to my delivery to be as efficient as possible. I Became my college’s Male Athlete of the year, along with unanimous 1st team all conference and making 3 different All-Region Teams, and ultimately the 271st selection of the 2013 MLB draft by the Philadelphia Phillies out of a tiny D-2 school in western Oklahoma. I am now playing with the Williamsport Crosscutters, my first Pro-Ball team. Thank you for making all of this possible through your DVD’s, video analysis, weekly newsletter, and lessons. Easily the greatest investment my father and I made in my baseball career. Knowledge is power. Shane M.WeatherFord, Oklahoma

We have tested the waters, first we did a lot of pull-ups thru the winter, second we did long toss thru the winter thinking in the spring we would see more velocity. We were told to load the wagon, bring lead leg up high as you could and drive too the plate with the front shoulder down lower than back shoulder and follow thru picking up a dollar bill off the ground. Bad advice Nathan came home with his back hurting and that was when I knew their had to be someone out their that could help us. I found Coach Mills web site and he began sending me nuggets and I became a insider. Nathan is 16 and an up and coming junior. Nathan was in the 70's-81 and with-in a month 85-86 now he is consistent 90-91 all this since last fall. The videos are clear and the work is hard but the rewards are worth it. Nathan has pitched 11 no hit inning's in travel ball. 3 in Jr. nationals. 3 in UVA. 5 in USC with some of the best players in the country. No magic bullet, We are proof that you are teaching young men to become high level pitcher's. Thanks Coach Cecil & NathanMadison Heights, Virginia

My son and I are students of yours here in Vermont. We have greatly benefitted from your materials starting from Little League (2 Vermont State Championships) and now in High School (1 State Championship and counting). Rayne Supple (2015, 6'2", 180 lbs.) pitched and won in both the semi-final and championship game for his High School Champlain Valley in the Vermont D1 high school playoffs at Centennial Field in Burlington. He is playing for East Cobb New England Expos this summer. The latest adjustment Rayne made was ensuring his lead foot was firmly planted before rotating his hips. This jumped his velocity, lowered his effort and results in NO upper body soreness (elbow, shoulder). Bill S.Hinesburg, Vermont

Just wanted to share this and say thanks for all you do for our young pitchers today. You have helped change the way we teach pitching to our players and the results are evident! Full Armor Baseball Academy is proud to announce our "Players in the Spotlight"! They are from left to right: Full Armor Baseball AcademyDarren Fischer: LHP selected by the Tampa Bay Rays in the 16th round. Ryan Etsell: RHP selected by the Los Angeles Angels in the 16th round. Alex Polanco: RHP selected by the New York Yankees in the 20th round. Chuck BushbeckPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania

My son was a typical butterfly chaser in the outfield during t-ball and coach pitch. That first year of kid pitch we discovered that he had uncanny accuracy. However the velocity was not there. Searching the internet we found lots of pitching programs and numerous horror stories of kids arms being ruined. Your website caught my eye because of the medical references. We invested in your product primarily to make sure our sons arm would be protected. Turns out our son had very good mechanics when comparing to your video and analysis three years ago. I have ‘stayed the course’ with your recommended program and it has paid dividends with our sons pitching. He has been the top pitcher on his team ever since. Recently I noticed you added some lesson for throwing harder and adding a curve. Or son turns twelve in two weeks and we thought it would be better to introduce more to his pitching now than wait until high school. So we purchased the newest DVD set with your son’s lessons. After a two weeks of work the change is remarkable. I am not a believer in the speed gun (don’t ask me his velocity) but my son is definitely throwing harder with the same accuracy he has always had. We are phasing in the 12/6 curve slowly, since this is the one pitch that can do a lot of damage. I think the next step is to get our son down there for a clinic or one on one lesson, but we are going to wait for the season to end. This way we can set some off season goals and get him ready for the next year. Thanks for the excellent pitching advice Dan S.Wheat Ridge, Colorado

Coach Mills, just wanted to let you know that John-Austin progressed very well this Spring after the adjustments you and Ryan made. He still has more to do... but let me give you the lowdown on the season: - Was declared a preseason All South Atlantic Conference pitcher - Named the #9 DII pick for the upcoming MLB Draft by Baseball America. - Went 6-3, with 9 saves (a new school record) as the closer for Tusculum College. - He threw 44.1 innings, 54 Strickeouts, 14 walks with a 2.03 ERA. - Named 2013 First Team All-South Atlantic Conference Relief Pitcher. - Named NCAA Southeast Region Pitcher of the Week. - He is a junior and is already getting invites for Pre-draft workouts for several clubs. Thanks again! And we will do more video analysis for him and his high school brother soon (info on Trey soon... he is having a huge year also) Jay S.Haymarket, Virginia

Wow, where to start. That lesson was everything I hoped it would be. I feel like I can now play at the next level because of the mechanical flaws you were able to help me with. For most of my career I expected a coach to show me what I needed to fix, but none came. All the nagging pain in the front of my shoulder was now gone, so I felt like I could really let the ball go without worrying about damaging my arm. Words can not describe the release of feelings pouring through me after finally experiencing what I've always known. I came throwing 83-85 and left throwing 87-89. I also know that with more practice, and better timing I'll soon be hitting 90 plus. Kris B.Lindsborg, Kansas

I have been coaching my son Sam since he was 6 he is now 14. He wanted to pitch like is older brother but we needed a catcher so I tried to get him to do that. He wanted to pitch though...and put in the work. He has always been coachable and worked hard which has made him be able to advance quickly. We have read many pitching books, watched many pitching videos and eventually found your products. As someone who always focused on mechanics your product was a great fit for us, we were already video taping pitching and hitting. Sam is 14 and has always been the best pitcher in any team, tournament or league he has been in. He is 6'0-1/2" and 180lbs. RHP. Solid mechanics have always given him the ability to have great command and mound presence. Video taping in slow motion lets me point out things to Sam so he can visualize what he needs to work on. Sometimes words can explain it and when you are moving that quickly you can't see the details. The biggest help to Sam's velocity was getting him to move down the mound quicker, I would say that added 7-8 mph to his speed alone. Anyhow, Sam went to a pitching coach last night for an evaluation. This coach pitched in the Angels organization for a few years and made it to the bigs for a bit. The coach put a radar gun on Sam for the first time ever and Sam threw 77mph consistenly and hit 79 mph atleast once. His change was 71 mph but the coach was most impressed with Sam's mechanics. In his words don't let anyone change anything. In short thank you for your help. Aaron C.Keene, New Hampshire

Coach Mills, I invested considerable amounts of money in your videos and a video analysis as well. I wish I did that long before. My son, who is 10 (he will be 11 in less than a month) is really making progress. As soon as I can, I plan to bring him out to see you and/or Ryan for one on one instruction. I think his potential, particularly now that we are learning HOW to pitch, is extraordinary. But, I wanted to drop you a note about your daily emails. I read every single one. I save them all. I look forward to receiving the emails. And often, I flag individual ones for information on particular topics and will read them again. Your daily emails contain a wealth of information helpful to pitchers, particularly youth pitchers (and to those trying to help them). You GIVE AWAY valuable information in those emails, literally on a daily basis. It is one of the most valuable services I ever received at no charge. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your willingness to share valuable information for free. I can assure you, I purchased several of your videos simply because I knew the information you gave away for free had value, so the products you sell must as well. I was right. Thanks again. And I hope to see you before long Daniel S.Monroe, Louisiana

About 3 years ago (when Mack was 12) I started utilizing the website to gain knowledge so I could help my son be competitive at the next level. In March of 2012 I called a family meeting with Mack and his mother, Cindy. I explained to them that I had become sold on your pitching philosophy after studying it for some time. I explained to Mack that his mother and I wanted to invest in his future by flying him to Arizona to take a 3 hour lesson from Ryan and yourself. I asked Mack (then 14 years old) if we did that would he be committed to the training after we returned home. He agreed to it so I got in touch with you and made the appointment for the lesson during Mack's spring break from school. So it was off to Arizona we went. The 3 hour lesson & feedback session with Coach Mills & Ryan was sensational to say the least. Within a week of our return home we received the DVD's of the feedback session and all the training that we received during our visit. They have proved to be invaluable as I refer back to them all the time as a reference. Folks, let me tell you without hesitation, this has been the best investment I have made bar none! Not once since the lesson have I taken Mack back to his pitching coach. I am his pitching coach now. The video's of the lesson, the website and my video camera is all I need. In the 2 years pryor to this I spent $50 to $60 a week on Mack's training. Add that up ! It's twice as much as a lesson from Coach Mills & Ryan! By eliminating his pitching instructor over the last year I have recouped my fee for the lesson! Taking Coach Mills advice and working on one mechanical fault at a time we now have Mack leading with the hip consistantly. When striding to the plate he swung his leg wide which reduces velocity. That has been eliminated. His stride foot was landing off too far to the 3rd base side of the plate (he's a righty). That was taken care of when we eliminated the swinging stride leg and started leading with the hip. Before each bull pin or session to work on mechanics I pull a string and spray paint a white line down the center of the mound to aid with this. (Have you ever heard Coach Mills tell you that when you fix the start that will also fix other mechanical faults? Well that's exactly what happened here) Mack was taking the ball back too far behind his back. We have fixed that with the arm circle exercise Ryan gave us. One thing that took a while to fix was the height of his lead elbow. Coach Mills picked that fault up immediately. As a matter of fact his lead elbow was so low Coach Mills walked us to our car telling me he had to get that elbow up. Mack's posture on the mound was another area of opportunity as he was bending over to meet his stride leg at the apex of his kick. That has been taken care of for the most part. Coach Mills and Ryan also pointed out the collapse of his back leg was going out past his foot. I still watch this pretty close. Some times I will take the video camera and put it behind the mound at knee level and focus in primarily on the back foot and knee to make sure. Right now we are concentrating on the backleg drive and extension. Our investment in our sons future is paying off! So much to the point that I have joined the Pitching Insiders to increase my knowledge even more. The more I know and understand the better coach I will be for my son. John N.South Carolina

Given my background as a D-1 college scholarship pitcher with an option to play minor league ball, I thought I was well equipped with all the knowledge to teach my twin boys how to pitch. Following some issues associated with sore arms and a low velocity fastball, I turned to Dick Mills and for some assistance. The instructional DVD’s, blog and a video analysis proved to be an eye-opener. By relying on proven scientific research, they showed me that all the things I was taught years ago, which I was teaching to my sons, were completely wrong! Moreover, we were able to isolate some major impediments in their mechanics that were holding my boys back and putting them at risk to injury. After correcting their back leg and arm angle mechanics, video taping and working on focused block-throwing practice sessions over the last few months, I have seen a significant improvement in their velocity and control. I am happy with their improvement and believe they are on their way to play college baseball. However, a small part of me thinks: if I only knew then, what I know now! Walter W.Manhasset, New York

My name is Ismael and my son and I did a lesson with you a few years back. My son was in the low eighties and when we came back he went to a showcase and clocked in at 87 mph. This year his velocity has increased another 3 miles and he is now throwing high 80's to 90 consistently. We know that he has to get a few more miles in that delivery, but he has opened some eyes and we are proud of that. I just wanted to let you know that the people that I spoke to before bringing my son to you were skeptical and wondered why I would you spend all amount of money for a lesson in Arizona... now tell me that money was well worth it. Ismael V.Randolph, Massachusetts

I've been reading your emails about people believing in using technics like long toss, heavy balls and whiffle balls to increase velocity by increasing arm strength and it shocks me. We bought your video on How To Teach High Velocity Mechanics To Youth Pitchers without hurting their arms and let me tell you who ever does not believe in this, should at least trust it and try it. My son Blake is 8 years old and we have been working on the true mechanics of pitching for about 2 months and so far he has improved tremendously and now he is throwing much harder with better control. The reason I'm emailing you about this is the last 3 times we did a pitching session, he had better velocity and my catchers mitt is popping. The words that are coming out of my sons mouth made me feel good, exact words "Daddy I am barely throwing the ball" and I said "now you get it use your body to throw instead of your arm." Thanks for the video and keep sending your emails I do get a lot out of them. Kelly M.Deer Park, Texas

I do want to respond and give this testimony because me and my son Blake are about as ecstatic as you can get about what is going on concerning his velocity. We purchased the training "Power Conditioning For Pitchers" program about a month ago. The program is great and very thorough, but there is on part of the program that has made the greatest difference in Blake pitching performance than anything in the last 2 years. That part has to do with the arm protection section. These stretches have caused Blake velocity to increase lately and it looks like he is throwing without the usual labor that it took just to throw in the mid 80s. Being a 2014 recruit had to play up this weekend and throw against a 2013 team. He threw 4 hittless innings, 1 walk, 6 strikeouts while throwing 86 to 88 and topped out 89. He had been struggling to stay at around 84 to 85. He also looks a lot smoother and his catcher said that his fastball had late movement and looked like it was exploding out of his hand. We are excited about training this winter. We will keep you posted. By the way, he got his first offer from this D1 school this weekend. Anthony B.Sutherlin, Virginia

It was great to finally meet you. Zach, my 11 year old grandson, Matt, his father and I were eager to work with you on Zach’s pitching mechanics. I had been working for weeks trying to get Zach to correct his three major faults - low elbow, not getting his lead arm out and his finish. In a few hours you showed him what he was doing wrong, taught him the correct way, gave him the awareness of what to correct when things deviated, and had him throwing off the mound like never before. Best of all, you gave me the additional knowledge and techniques I can use with Zach moving forward. We are all most appreciative and will be making the yearly trip to Phoenix for additional tune-ups as Zach progresses. To quote a TV commercial- “Three hours of Dick Mills’ instruction- PRICELESS Marty C.Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This is the first year my son has pitched pain-free in the last 4 years. He is a high school sophomore and prior to this year he was unable to pitch a complete season let alone a complete game. His record this year was 4-1 with 2 complete 7 inning games and an ERA under 2. None of his coaches could offer any explanation or insight into pitching mechanics that would alleviate the elbow pain he was experiencing. I came across the Coach Mills Ultimate Warm-up And Recovery Program Program by chance, read the info and was convinced this would help my son. His windup and mechanics are 100% more sound than a year ago. I would like to personally thank Coach Mills and his son Ryan for their concern and knowledge about pitchers and their campaign to show the right way to pitch Steve S.Ashland, Ohio

It was a pleasure for us to meet you and Ryan in the peace of your home. It was very interesting talking to you as a parent of a tremendous player that already went through all the situations I am experiencing at present. I felt I could talk to you for hours about raising a son that wants to become a professional pitcher. I didn't have the opportunity to meet Ginny but I want to congratulate you for having a lasting marriage and a great son. I think you complement each other by doing the things you love as a part of a family project, giving your expertise to help others. The clinic was very enlightening and effective that my son felt positive changes immediately after their application on his pitching mechanic. He was so impress when at night we played the video to see his work and he found out that his leg and trunk problem disappeared right there. Of course he has to continue working hard to make those changes permanents. Ryan it is a great instructor and he has the ability to make this changes look easier than they really are and that is invaluable. My son has been on the hands of several coaches that have pointed out his mechanics problems but no one has been able to correct them. I wish I could be your neighbor to have the opportunity to train with you more often. Reading your book was very educational but it was very shocking at the same time. Everything we have been doing so far to improve mechanics and strength conditioning it seems that have being a waist of time and effort. But not anymore. The knowledge acquired through your book, DVD's, membership and live clinics base on your research are going to be the foundation on which we will support from now and on our pitching development program. If one day you decide to visit Panama with your family, let me know so I can keep some dinner for you. Cesar L.Panama,

Just wanted to drop a quick line. I have been following Coach Mill's daily messages for over a year now. I feel like I know you both like personal friends. Until I discovered, I had no idea how much I didn't know about the complexities of pitching mechanics. I have learned so much, and my sons pitching mechanics, velocity and command have improved greatly. So, from my two sons and myself, thank you very much for what you do. Sharing your knowledge and experience has not only affected our lives positively, I think that knowledge passed down, will affect future generations of pitchers as well. George S.Clayton, North Carolina

Just to let you and everybody else know that all the work that Caleb (febuary lesson) has been doing since the age of 12 is starting to show. He is now being recruited by a D2 college. He is so excited. He is a rising senior in his junior year summer ball. The D2 recruiting coach seen him at a camp and emailed us and said that he was impressed with his mechanics and wanted us to come visit the campus after sept 1st. We hope there are more recruiting offers to come, but if not he can say that he was recruited by a college. Thank you so much Coach Mills for all the information and guidance that you have given my son. THIS IS SO COOL. Rick M.Yanceyville, North Carolina

I just looked at my sons video analysis and was blown away. He has 2 great coaches and when I told him I was getting a video analysis his response was Absolutely! He played Pro ball and is very well respected. He said everything that you say on your site. He can only teach my son so much but he needs to see himself on video so he can understand what he is doing right and wrong. His team won the states last year and he has improved tremendously over the last 2 years. With that said after reviewing your video analysis he has a lot of work still ahead of him. He's a good pitcher but to be a great pitcher he has a number of simple adjustments that will take him to another level. I played ball for 6 years but couldn't tell you much about pitching. With your video analysis at least now I can help him. Your video analysis was worth every penny! Joeseph S.Wayne, New Jersey

Gary had this to say on getting his son a full scholarship to a top Division 1 school: Thanks for about $23,000 a year! Pretty good return on my investment. Andy is a different pitcher than he was two years ago. Gary Beal, DadPaducah, Kentucky

Coach Mills - I'm a guy who still plays @ a good level, played independent professional and run a PT baseball training business in my small town in new jersey. I subscribed to your email, watch your videos, read your stuff, bought DVD's and a video analysis. Just from listening, reading and watching the DVD's my mechanics, velocity and overall performance has dramatically improved, along w my coaching. I haven't sent in my video yet, but am eager to get that done because I know there is still more in me to be pumping more cheese... Wish I knew about you back when you started! I'd of been drafted out of high school! All this long toss and drills coaches had me do was a waste of time! It was all just a mechanical fault they were to ignorant to know or learn about. Thanks for being the "Pitching Rebel" because the majority of traditional pitching coaches and coaches in general have no clue what they are talking about! Baseball Pitching has become a gimmick and kids are getting jipped out of proper knowledge and instruction. Some coaches want to remain Dinosaurs. Keep up the great work! Thank you! Zeke B.Moorestown, New Jersey

Significant improvement on both the mental and mechanical side. The result—a full tuition scholarship to San Diego State. R. L. HartshornEden Prairie, Minnesota

I've had the products for about a week now and thanks for getting them to me very quickly. I'm working on the first video package right now and the side by side analysis is really helpful. I've been pitching for a very long time and never understood why all the different mechanics had to work a certain way until now after watching your videos. I've been pitching before in a game and I always wondered why once or twice I had thrown a ball with exceptional speed with little effort. It makes sense now that by fluke in the past I had thrown it with all the good mechanics you are teaching which is why I had so much more velocity. I can't wait to see the results in doing it all the time with proper mechanics. Mike F.Dodge City, Kansas

Coach Mills, Z, and Ryan were wonderful... there is no pretension: you are humble, approachable, generous in spirit. And of course you know your stuff. A lot of things clicked for me and for Estevan. Clinic well worth it. Coach Mills, Ryan, and Z all three of you took the time to answer a number of my questions while the instruction was going on. Thanks. Finally Coach Mills thank you for the hands-on instruction you gave Estevan several times. You, Z, and ryan all did so with different kids as they needed it. I think this is a strong point of the clinic. You are able to go a mile wide and address individual learning needs surgically at the same time. You work with players at the highest levels of the sport and are also able to teach the rug rats as someone so aptly with just as much ability to relate. You are the ultimate people's' choice in encouraging us to take charge. I can see why you may not always be popular with The Man; more power to you. I have no idea if Estevan will even ever be in a position to play high school ball.. I do know what he has and is learning from you will serve him well both on the ball field and off. And who knows. Harry S.Chantilly, Virginia

Your pitching program is different because it is in-depth and simple to understand. James S.Chicago, Illinois

Tanner (7th grade lefty) and I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for a great clinic last Saturday. Your system as explained, guided by sports science principles, gives me the opportunity as a Dad to help my son to SAFELY become a much more efficient and explosive pitcher! I had written 8 pages of notes and have now re-written these notes with illustrations and diagrams so that we can use the notes as a guide to his everyday practice habits. These principles as well as your philosophy on Little League will help us through these next seasons and prepare Tanner for High School Varsity Ball.... We look forward to working with you in the future and hope to attend a personal one-on-one clinic in the future. Mark S.Wales, Wisconsin

With your help, Michael achieved the goal of 92 mph this summer by making three changes to his motion. We had not focused on these aspects of his pitching mechanics until you brought them to our attention. We strongly believe that these three mechanical corrections will make Michael be the number one pitcher on the Harvard baseball team. Joseph G.Rosemead, California

We received our video analysis on Evan a few weeks ago. We have been working on the faults and everybody from his Mother to his team mates can definetly see the difference. He is leading better with his hip, has a lower hand break, and is not turned when is front foot landing leg hits the ground . His velocity went from being tied with another pitcher on the team, to being the clear #1 on the team. We are taping a lot, we think the difference with your system, is how you compare to a MLB pitcher, so we can "get" what it is , that we are trying to accomplish. Please we joined up, and can’t wait for session #2! Greg S.Grove City, Ohio

Just wanted to reiterate what the others have said regarding the pitching clinic. Your hands on approach and personalized attention, even in a group setting was impressive. You, Ryan and "Z" were Great as even kids this age know when someone knows what they are talking about. I signed Ethan up not only for him to learn, but for me to learn that I was teaching your program the right way. This not only built his confidence but mine as well. I've taken an even more hands on approach with him since purchasing your video's and material in fall of 2010. He has become the dominant pitcher in his age class and above. Just for fun I let him pitch in practice for his Cooperstown team last night, which I never do. He faced 7 kids struck out 5, 1 walk, 1 ground out and 1 hit off the end of the bat. The coach asked why he started with his back leg bent and all his weight on his back leg, I told him about pre-loading and how this prevents leg collapse. It's amazing, they are more woried about teaching knuckle balls and fork balls to kids rather than fast balls for strikes. Anyhow we have a long way to go. He went from 51 to 61mph last year as age 10 and is topping over 65mph now at 11yrs old. I think 70MPH+ will happen around May or June. Ray P.Elwood, Illinois

In not using this word lightly, your pitching clinic was phenomenal. I walked in not knowing anything about pitching, and left feeling I could teach anyone. I felt privileged to have more than 80 years baseball experience at my disposal for a few hours. The breakdown was very simple and easy to understand, which in turn makes it easy to teach, and therefore learn. I now have the confidence to proceed with working with my son. Before, I was scared to go forward, and fearful of who I could trust. I must admit, I was a little concerned I was going to a Clinic where profit was the motivator. I honestly felt afterward that compassion for the sport, and good of the kids was at the forefront. I applaud you, Z, and Ryan for the genuine enthusiasm for Pitching. Every time Ryan would get deep into instruction, I had to smile inside. He really glowed from within with excitement. Excitement is contagious, and I think all the kids felt his vibe. Z was great, and his stern demeanor kept the kids focused. Your hands on was the icing on the cake. I saw many kids who were close, yet just out of position. Once you positioned them were they needed to be, most were able to mimic exactly were you had previously positioned them. Dylan and I will positively be back once a year, and likely more. Jory F.Houma, Louisiana

I just wanted to say "Thank You". I am in my third year of coaching a group of kids, who are now 10. I recently purchased your DVD set titled The Scientific Formula for Big League Pitching Mechanics. To be honest my biggest fear in instructing youth pitchers was that I didn't want to instruct them to do something that is going to mess them up down the road, both mechanically or injury wise. So in the past I have held off from making major changes to the way any of our pitchers threw the ball, I was one of those slow everything down kind of guys and I now know what that does, kills velocity! This set of videos has given me the confidence in the pitching mechanics that you and your son Ryan demonstrate to make the changes needed to improve their performance. Video taping is the other key step I was missing. The whole process of throwing a pitch has so many things going on at the same time and at great speed that it is impossible to catch even some of the biggest mechanical errors at full speed. Being able to breakdown a pitch frame by frame has been a great tool for me but I think the bigger impact is on the boys. When I can show them on the screen what they are actually doing wrong and what it looks like to do it correctly is huge. The last thing was educating myself on what flaws in the mechanics to watch out for and their effect on a pitch. Collapsed back leg, drifting landing knee, early hand separation, low elbow all this stuff makes sense when you explain it but if not for your videos I would not have known to look for those issues. In the 2 months since I have started using your methods I can already see a marked improvement in velocity as well as control, not to mention confidence. My pitchers are showing much better balance throughout their deliveries and I know that I am not asking a kid to do something thats not going to cause them problems in the future. Jim U.Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Your products are fantastic! I am a practicing orthopedic surgeon and pitching coach at a high school in Houston. I found your website by chance 2 years ago and have bought several of your products including Explosive Pitching, Functional Training for Pitchers, and the latest Scientific Formula for Big League Pitching Mechanics. I use your techniques and philosophies in my coaching and in my orthopedic practice. I video tape all of my pitchers and recommend video analysis to all of the "sore arms" that I see constantly in my office. I totally agree that the major cause of sore arms and injuries is poor throwing mechanics! I played Division 1 baseball before entering medical school and I can testify that the pitching instruction today is no better than when I played 30 years ago. (You're the exception) My pitching career ended with an ulnar collateral ligament tear before Tommy John surgery was even heard of. For the past 20 years, I have specialized in orthopedic sports medicine and athletic injuries, and have treated countless shoulder and elbow problems. I have researched sports medicine articles throughout my career, and can honestly say that your techniques and recommendations are based solidly on sound science. As I have read your works and watched your DVD's, I have been amazed at what I have learned and how well you present it. As I pursue my passion for coaching baseball, no longer do I have to teach the unfounded beliefs and principles that have been passed down through coaching generations. Thanks to you, I can accurately diagnose the faulty mechanics that lead to injury and affect performance. I am grateful for your dedication and I consider myself a Coach Mills disciple. Keep up the great work! Dr. Rick NHouston, Texas

We had a private lesson with Coach Mills and Ryan in the Summer. At the time, my son (a 13 yrs. old lefty) was throwing between 65-68 mph. During the lesson he learned how to brace the front leg and to not collapse the backside. Three weeks after our visit, Clay pitched in a 16 and under tournament and had a "No Hitter" going into the 7th inning. He did allow 2 runs in the 7th but walked away with a 6 to 2 victory. The other team could not believe he was only 13, because of his polished delivery and confident demeanor. He is now 14 years old and throws 73-75 and as high as 78. We are still working on velocity through technique. My biggest goal from the beginning, was to have him learn the proper way to throw to prevent injury. He has not had any issues with his shoulder or elbow. Unlike a number of his pitcher friends who have been shut down from one time or another due to arm injury. I feel strongly that our son is following the right pitching path, which will prevent injury and allow him to pursue his passion pain free and with longevity. Thanks Coach Mills and Ryan. Jim P.San Diego, California

The 5 minute a day drills video is excellent. I am sorry it hadn't been made yet when I first ordered the program. John G.Etna, New Hampshire

I have watched my son go from a player who just threw hard and didn't know where it was going to a pitcher who has better mechanics, improved velocity and excellent control. Michael M.Venice, Florida

Your materials are more specific than others I've purchased, and you've addressed one of the biggest problems I have experienced in coaching: attitude. 50% of my coaching is trying to relate this to my assistants. Your techniques have improved our pitchers mechanics by far. Terry DobsonMiddleton, Ohio

You teach the real thing. The others never really gave [away] the secret. Without your pitching knowledge my son and I would be lost. Dennis S.Cumberland, Rhode Island

Your system with the newsletter is a monthly refresher course that my son and I use to build upon. The others just sit on the shelf gathering dust. Scott E.San Diego, California

I don't know if my son has 90 mph potential, but since we have been using your program we now have a way of working toward that goal. The discipline and work ethic created from your program are more important to me than him becoming a major leaguer, because they are things that carry over into real life. My son now has more poise and confidence. Michael P.Thorton, Colorado

One of the improvements I appreciate most since we have been using your materials is I see a very confident young man now. It is so gratifying to teach and then see them execute on the mound with more success then they could imagine. The smile say it all. Bill K.Saline, Kansas

After 20 years in coaching at all levels including high school, I'm always interested in a new approach. I own at least 10 other pitching videos and 12 books. Your program is more practical, simpler to implement with players and more innovative than other materials. Kerry P.Sterling, Virginia

Before I invested in your program, I was clueless about proper mechanics—I was just throwing. But since I've made the commitment to developing the rock solid mechanics you teach. I've seen my pitching reach a whole new level. Brett F.Baldwin, Kansas

Your program acts as a safety net. No matter how my son is pitching I can always pick out areas of his mechanics that need to be tuned. When my son has a poor outing he is confident he can get right back on track. Randy T.Greensboro, North Carolina

Gordie's son, Mark, was drafted by the Phillies in the 12th round. He was undrafted as a college junior. After years of attempting to pitch 90+ miles an hour, my son has finally accomplished this goal, 92, thanks to you. Gordie R.

Here's what another dad has to say about the program. His son started at 9-years-old. I am the father of 2 boys that have been on the "program" for about 2 years. They are smoother on their deliveries than every one in their respective leagues (11 & 13 yrs. old). Best of all is that they rarely have soreness in their elbows, shoulders and their recovery time is excellent. I feel the conditioning program alone is worth 10 times the cost. I have a college graduate and post graduate professional degrees and have got to say no one can match you and your educational format. I have read many books, seen many tapes and talked to several high school, college and pro coaches and players and you and your program are a level above. Steve L.Seattle, Washington

Here's what one dad had to say about the program: My sons have used Coach Mills's program for 5 years. Knowledge is power. What some parents spend on their kids for entertainment compared to what this program cost, if you include ROI (return on investment), it's a no-brainer. You should definitely get on this program. David Z.Boise, Idaho

And another dad from West Virginia: My investment with Coach Mills has so far been my most important investment in my relationship with my child. It's something we do together. My son could coach high school pitchers and do a great job, too. He just turned 13. Does that tell you anything? Jay M.Shepardstown, West Virginia

I purchased your program during the summer to help my 9 year-old-son, Matthew, with his pitching. He began pitching during fall-ball and has always loved it. He struggled a bit during the summer, but he did not want to give up, so we decided to invest in your program. I videotaped my son from the three positions and then went through all the material. When we sat and looked at the videotape I immediately spotted a couple of problems with his mechanics that we could quickly fix. We worked on those during the couple of weeks off in between summer ball and fall ball. When he pitched during the first game this fall he was so much improved and everyone noticed how much more his velocity had increased. I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the work you have done. It's rewarding when you see immediate results. Brad S.Elizabeth, Colorado

I think I was able to figure out with your wife Ginny that since 1996 I have purchased every tape your have ever made. I also subscribe to the newsletter. I have wanted to write you for some time, because I really appreciate what you do. I know it has helped my son who is slated to be his high school's number 1 starter this fall. Both he and I know that this came from studying and using your materials—both the mechanics and the conditioning materials. Your tape on video analyzing the mechanics of the minor league pitcher is a classic and may be one of the clearest, most accessable works on the subject of pitching mechanics ever made. My son and I have viewed it probably 100 times. I don't mean to denegrate all your other work—they're all good. But that tape is just so much better than anything else anyone else is doing I just had to mention it. We started working with your program when my son was 11 or 12. He is 16 now, and has been a successful injury free pitcher ever since. In fact, he's getting to the age and size that he is beginning to dominate most of the hitters he sees. Jim B.Washington, District of Columbia

Joey is showing huge improvement. His back leg isn't collapsing and his posture has greatly improved. He works almost every day on his mechanics. We film him and show him how he looks. This is helping us to show him where he needs to improve. I can't thank you, Ryan and Ginny enough. What you have showed us in just a few hours has been more valuable than what Joey has received from any pitching lesson or coach. Joey has some new goals to reach to get to those two huge ones of the scholarship to a D1 school and being in the pros. I promise to keep you informed of how he's doing over the next couple of years. Stephanie M.Los Angeles, California

8th round pick Andrew Good said this about Coach Mills' program after he signed with the Diamondbacks: I learned the value of proper mechanics, of balance, control, power, acceleration and finish. I felt the in-season and off-season strength training programs helped keep me injury free during those important junior and senior years as I was recruited and scouted. Now when I jog to the mound as a professional I am confident that my physical and mental preparedness that I learned from your Pitching Mastery program and its teaching and discipline are more than enough resources. Andrew got on our program as a high school sophomore. As a senior, he was a high school All-American, got a baseball scholarship to Arizona State, was drafted in the 8th round, and received a $150,000 bonus. Andrew Good